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    • Hi Jim,

      Not just yet. They are on order and should arrive next week. We will also be selling a kit comprising the u.fl connect, cable and antenna.


  2. Great stuff Mark.

    Would it be possible to use a 9 or 12 db antenna? If so would it be a great improvement or just a so so?… Also would using an IBCrazy on the rx do much good?


    • Hi Smitty, thanks for the post.

      The mod allows you to add pretty much any antenna provided the connection is matched. So, 9-12dbi won’t be a problem. I am not sure how practical it would be for short range though as the signal is more focused. We have around 20 antenna on the way including some high dbi antenna, will post the test results as we get through them.

      I don’t have any of the IBcrazy antenna but by all accounts, they are made to a high standard with low SWR and high efficiency. My guess is that any of his antenna are better than the standard antenna.

      The effectiveness of each of his antenna will be application specific. For example, linear polarized antenna are supposedly 3dbi more efficient than circular polarized antenna, however, the losses for linear can be enormous if the antenna alignment is poor. Think shifting plane attitude and you see the challenge.

      Fortunately the Frsky receivers are diversity, hence you can cover two angles covered (at 90 degrees). Not expectantly, my testing has shown the good RX antenna angle placement can have an enormous impact on signal strength (10-20 RSSI loss when badly placed and misaligned with the TX antenna). We are just starting to test the longer FS RX antenna which is allowing us to be very specific about the position and attitude of the antenna.

      Keen to see your test results!


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  5. Hello guys,I have a problem – I have done this mod and soldered the cable
    Direct to the board,but range is same and I have minimum SWR level at 16,33 when
    touching the antenna?nothing shorts out!where did I go wrong? HELP!

    • Do you have any melting of the center dielectric caused by heat transfer while soldering the braid to the ground pad?

  6. I have the same sort of results as you Andrew.
    17 when I first turn it on, but if touch the antenna it jumps up to 38 and stays there.
    Also a solder connection onto the board.
    Followed the instruction and the soldering looks good.
    I don’t get what I have done wrong?

  7. Andrew,
    I pulled mine apart and did the termination again, it has come good now with SWR readings of 0-1, it jumps up when I touch it but now settles back down again to where it was.
    Give it a go, it might work for you too.
    Tip: did you make a ring of solder all the way round the screen, that was in an email to me from boltrc but I’m not sure if it is made clear elsewhere…
    I also have a dsmx module in the back with the aerial lead routed internally. I made sure to get good Separation on the two coax cables, just in case.

  8. I made this mod way before seeing you blog. To tell the truth I have not been very satisfied with the results. So after ready your blog about testing the u.fl connector after soldering I popped mine open for a test with my meter. When I tested for continuity between the ground pads and the center pin pad I got a positive reading.

    Now I found that interesting as the SWR reading from within the Taranis are excellent usually 0-1 but as high as 17 when I touch the antenna or bend it to 90 degrees horizontal.

    Could this be? Should I desolder the u.fl, clean the pads and try again?

    Hoping for speedy reply.

  9. Had the same SWR problem as others. You have to be VERY careful to cut the tail exactly the same length and route it exactly the same way as the original. On my first attempt I cut the wire as short as possible thinking shorter is better and min. SWR was 16. I had an identical spare SMA cable and cut it about 1/4 inch longer so it could be routed in the same S as the original and to my amazement it did the trick… SWR is now 0. Both installations were the same cable and same quality of connections, only the length and routing were different. I hope this helps someone.

  10. Gday guys. Is this the same procedure for the TARANIS plus?

    My Taranis plus comes up and says radio antenna defective randomly, and thought doing this mod may help.

    • Hi Craig, It depends on which version. The very latest versions have a ufl on the board already. This verson requires a very short pigtail though, around 60-70mm of coax. We will start selling these next week.

      If there is no ufl, yes, the procedure is the same. As you would have seen, we prefer direct soldering, no ufl.


    • Hi John, we do have a new shorter pigtail in stock, it was specially developed for the plus version. I will add it to the store thsi week.


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