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Techpod 2
  • Techpod 2
  • Techpod 2
  • Techpod 2
  • Techpod 2
  • Techpod 2

Techpod 2

Price: A$275.00

Ex Tax: A$250.00

2 or more A$253.00 (inc tax)

Availability: In Stock

A small unmanned aerial vehicle designed with the hobbyist in mind. Its long wing span and light weight foam and composite structure giving it unmatched endurance performance in its weight class. With light weight and durable EPO foam construction the techpod is not only resistant to damage but also comparatively inexpensive to replace.  


Cruise Speed: 32knots
Max speed – 55knots
Stall speed @4.5lbs about 11 knots
Climb Rate – 2000 ft/min
Wingspan = 102 in
Wing area = 605 sq in
Wing loading = 1.191 lbs per sq ft @ 5 lbs
Fuselage Length = 45 in
Dry weight = 2.75 lbs*
Loaded weight =5.0lbs (2.25 lbs of battery/payload)
EPO Wings and fusalage contruction
Carbon Fiber Tail Boom and wing spars
Flight times well in excess of 1 hour. make that 2 hours!
Assembly time 5 hours

Related Products

Please refer the related products for other essential parts for this plane.  Per Wayne Garris, the recommended parts include:
4 x Hitec HS-65 (ailerons and flaps)* 
2 x Hitec HS-82 (rudder and elevator)
2 x Hitec HS-55 (pan tilt)
APC 11x7E

These parts items will be delivered free with your Techpod 2 order.

* We have also included a tougher metal gear (MG) alternative. 

Delivery Instructions

As the Techpod 2 package is too large for Australia post, your order will be shipped by courier (5-7 days). Our shipping module provides the option to ship by courier.       

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